Mila Paints A Quadryptic

Mila did this with no input from me, other than teaching her the name for a four part painting.  She picked out the package of four little canvases and said “I want to make one of those paintings where all the pieces fit together”  Then she picked out a brush and chose all her colors.  I cleaned house and got her fresh water and took photos.  I think it is her best work to date.

milaquad01sm milaquad02sm milaquad03sm milaquad04sm milaquad05sm milaquad06sm milaquad07sm milaquad08sm milaquad09sm milaquad10sm


Catching Up

It has come to my attention (thanks Mom) that I have been spending too much time on Facebook, and not enough here, so here is a mixed bag of images from the past few weeks.  Maybe I’ll post something political later.P1011098sm




The following are from the Tucson Zoo.  I’d much rather see and photograph these beauties in their natural habitat, but you take what you can get.








What You Run From, You Run Into

So says Seymore Berkhoff in Season 4, Episode 3 of “Nikita”.  Now I am sure that every once in a while, a TV script writer comes up with a great aphorism all on their own, but three+ seasons in of trite, simplistic dialogue (it’s still fun to watch), this was unexpected.  I was struck by the phrase, so I investigated.  My first guess was that it was lifted from some philosophical or religious text, but if it was, I couldn’t find it.  I was only able to find the quote in two places, both long before the episode aired: here, featuring this man, and here.  The photo blog is the earliest incidence of the phrase I could find.  I’d love to know if it started there, and how it got to the celebrity therapist turned rock star and then to the script of Nikita.