Bread And Roses – Right Lane Must Turn Right


This photo is from a 2011 protest in Tucson in support of Wisconsin municipal workers who were being denied collective bargaining rights by then governor Scott Walker who would later go on to lose a bid for president in 2016. He was finally evicted from office last year.

There is a guy named Andrew Yang running for the Democratic nomination for president.  His central platform and answer to all the nation’s problems is a guaranteed basic income for every American adult of $1000 a month.  He proposes to pay for this with a VAT tax which will raise $800 billion a year and alleged savings in other programs which by his estimation could amount to about a trillion and a half.  That is a total of 2.3 trillion dollars at the most optimistic of his estimates.

There are 250 million adults in the United States.  $1000 a month for each would be $250 billion a month, or $3 trillion a year.  This leaves Yang about $700 billion short, and we haven’t even factored in all the other expenses of the US government, from infrastructure to the military.

He is also promising amnesty for all marijuana criminals and legalization.  Maybe he figures if we are stoned enough, we won’t notice the country falling apart around us?

I want some of what he’s smoking if he thinks he has a chance of winning the nomination. Most people don’t want a handout.  They want jobs and dignity.

(all numbers except the population statistic from Yang’s website)