Villa De Etla, Oaxaca

Went to Villa De Etla for their inaugural cultural festival.  It was nice, with the usual over-long speeches that any inaugural event in Mexico has, some music and dancing, a few tables sampling cane sugar alcohol and sweets, and a contemporary art exhibit which was the highlight for me. All of these photos are from after, when we drove into town and wandered around.

I’m not sure of the exact story behind this magnificent mistake, but the young couple we met out front told us that it was a magical building and that construction had been halted for some reason.


Aqueducts are all over the place down here.  I’m pretty sure they predate the Spanish invasion.

The church here was way bigger than one might expect for such a small community.  I think there must have been mineral deposits here which made the Spaniards value the location.



That second image was taken through a hole in the door.  The church was locked up tight.

villadeetla09smAir Plants on the power lines


6 thoughts on “Villa De Etla, Oaxaca

  1. Ooooo! Very cool, Dave….I love the photos! ❤️ We need to talk or chat. We’ll have to set a day.
    I’m looking at buying a home. In the mountains. Close to my grandson. 🤗

    • Lol, ostentatious. That’s funny. Personally I liked that it was very small, so unless someone actually was real knowledgeable about cameras, they would have no idea it’s worth. There by in my opinion making it much less ostentatious. At least much less than my big clunky canons. I don’t remember what size your Olympus is, though. Is it on the small side, also?

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